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Best wishes, Team ET 20th June 2017(No longer accepting submissions) We are looking for lots of London based people for a ‘Watch Brand’ advert.To be considered you must fit into any of the following role descriptions: Women & Men 20-25Women & Men 25-40Women & Men 45-55Cyclists / Runners (athletic types) 25-40 All nationalities and ethnicities are welcome!!Maybe involving your sister, best friend, mum or neighbour?Share them with us and be part of this great Christmas Campaign!

1-2mins) of you describing three personal stories you share with your one special person (e.g. Have a look at our application form for easy examples/inspiration! Best wishes, Team ETx 27th June 2017 (No longer accepting submissions) We are looking for PREGNANT FRENCH and GERMAN MUMS from anywhere in Europe for a really lovely online film.

All you have to do is fill out our online form HERE with a video of your fun household doing this:(NB: If you don't have time to video yourselves, don't worry! Best wishes, Team ET x 10th July 2017 (No longer accepting submissions) We are looking for UK based people who have ever given a speech at a special and most likely personal event.

Examples of events where these speeches might have occurred: The catch?

This means you will be the first to know about our fun projects and be able to apply before the rest of the world hear about it!

It does not matter who you are or where in the world you are.

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In addition to having a close relationship with one another, as the videos will be shown in different countries - both applicants must belong to one of the nationalities / must be native language speakers (have relevant accents): British (Native English speakers w/ British accent)Australian (Native English speakers w/ Australian accent)Spanish (Native Spanish speakers)French (Native French speakers)German (Native German speakers)Italian (Native Italian speakers) Each duo will be needed for one 3-4h shoot day between 8th & 10th December 2017 in London and will be paid £200 per duo for their time. We’re just looking for people with close relationships happy to answer fun questions on camera!

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